Communities and Schools Working Together

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Community Prevention & Wellness Initiative

CPWI is a partnership of state agencies, counties, schools and local prevention coalitions supporting communities in preventing alcohol and other drug abuse and its negative consequences. CPWI priorities include reducing underage drinking, marijuana use and opioid misuse/abuse among middle and high school aged youth. By providing evidence-based practices and promoting the positive changes in communities, we can build healthier communities.


MV HOPE Coalition

MV HOPE (Mount Vernon: Healthy Outcomes through Prevention Efforts) Coalition is a community collaboration working to implement opioid and other drug prevention through a community-based approach. The Coalition funds direct service programs and environmental strategies that are proven to reduce substance use in youth (see Programs pages for examples of this). The Coalition serves the geographical reach of the Mount Vernon School District.

In addition to programs and strategies, CPWI funds support a 1.0FTE time coordinator's position, employed through the Skagit Valley YMCA. The funds also support a full-time, on-site Student Assistance Program Specialist provided by Northwest Educational Service District 189, who serves La Venture Middle School.

The coalition is led by an Executive Leadership Committee. Decisions are made by a simple majority of the general membership, and much of the program-specific work is done by ad-hoc work groups.

Currently members represent the following sectors: civic/volunteer groups, healthcare professionals, education/schools, youth-serving organizations, religious/fraternal organizations, government agencies, chemical dependency and treatment, mental health services, law enforcement, other substance abuse serving organizations, businesses, and local citizens.

The coalition meetings are open to all community members, those who live and/or work in the Mount Vernon school district, and are held on the third Wednesday of each month at 3pm. New members are always welcome, if you have any questions or would like to know more, please reach out to coordinator Bethany Sparkle or message us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MVHOPECoalition).